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Where To Buy a Car in Jamaica

Buying a car is a large investment most adults eventually make to help them get around more efficiently and comfortably. Unfortunately, the prices of cars in Jamaica are extremely high to the taxes levied on importers to bring them into the country because of course, we don’t manufacture our own cars.

Because of this, it is important to shop around to find the absolute best deal out there. You achieve this by exploring the different options listed below:

Car Dealers

An obvious option would be to visit a car dealer. Jamaica has a good number of car dealers so one shouldn’t be hard to find. In Kingston, I’ve noticed that they tend to be in close proximity to each other for the most part so if you find one, there’s probably another nearby.

You can also look in the Yellow Pages whether in the physical directory or on their website.

Car Sales Websites

There are a few websites on the internet which feature cars for sale in Jamaica. One of them is 876cars.com, where you look can have a look at the vehicle through pictures so you can at least gauge the condition. This way you don’t have to waste time to travel to where the car is located because the owner misrepresented the condition.

Gleaner Classifieds

The Observer also has a classifieds section but nothing beats the Sunday Gleaner Classifieds. Note: SUNDAY specifically.

The Gleaner is published everyday but Sunday’s publication is by far the most widely read newspaper in the country. In fact, most buyers and sellers use the Sunday Gleaner’s classifieds specifically to when trying to find each other.

Contact Owners Directly

See a car you like on the road? Ask the owner if he/she would like to sell it. You never know, they may be interested.

If they aren’t immediately interested, exchange numbers and ask them to think about it. I seen this happen enough times to believe it’s a viable option.

I feel like I may have missed another source but you can tell me in the comments. Where else do you believe is a good place to buy a car in Jamaica?

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