How To Get Traffic To Your Online Business

If you have an online business, especially one based in Jamaica, you know how hard it is to get traffic and therefore sales.

Whether you have a website or a Facebook page, traffic isn’t something that’s easy to come by but when it does, your business can all of a sudden become very profitable.

There are many free and paid methods you can use to get traffic. I’ll be starting with the paid ones first.

Advertising (Paid)

Both Facebook and Google have advertising platforms that you can use to reach your target market. In your case, your target market would be people in Jamaica.

Facebook offers better segmentation of the market using age ranges and better location targeting, however, because Google is a search engine, they actually know what someone is searching for and are then able to place your ad much more strategically.

Overall, like any two options, they both have their advantages and disadvantages but basically, I’ll end this with an example. Let’s say you’re selling a certain natural hair product, and you know that women who are between the ages of 18 and 35 would be the most interested.

Facebook would be like going in a room of random 18 to 35 year old women and telling them about it while Google would be like them actually going out to looking for it and finding your business. Admittedly, this an oversimplified version but I hope you understand.

SEO (Free/Paid)

Search engine optimization is another great tool to get your business in front of the right audience. With this marketing tool, you rank your website in search engines for certain search terms such as whatever your business is selling. To get started, you could either read or seek professional advice. A popular seo company in Jamaica called Web Solutions offers free consultations to individuals interested in seo so you don’t spend time and money on something that won’t benefit you because it is not for every product or service.

You could also learn by how to do it by yourself by reading articles on SEO blogs such as Moz though you should note that there might be a learning curve and it takes time to get results whether a company does it or you do it.

Google states that a good time frame is four months to a year.

Share on Social Media (Free)

Social sharing is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there because each share is kind of like a cosign. Getting the shares organically is a easier said than done, however because you need to be able to provide incredible value usually to get shares.

The best way to start is to join niche relevant pages and groups in Jamaica and tell the members about it. Don’t spam now, and don’t let your plug be the first and only post you make. Try to become part of the community.

It’s also good to let friends and family know about your venture and I’m sure not all, but quite a few would be willing to share.

Here’s a very detailed post on how to get more shares.

Reach Out To Local Bloggers

Find local bloggers and let them know you have something that may be of value to their readers.

Things To Know About Purchasing a Home

For the average Joe, buying a home will typically be the largest investment made in his life.

Because of this, before purchasing a home it is important to look at all the pros and cons, as well as be mentally and fiscally prepared  for the costs that will come up in the buying process and beyond.

I found this video on Youtube which gives a nice, concise list of expense you can expect and a few tips so you don’t make small mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Where To Buy a Car in Jamaica

Buying a car is a large investment most adults eventually make to help them get around more efficiently and comfortably. Unfortunately, the prices of cars in Jamaica are extremely high to the taxes levied on importers to bring them into the country because of course, we don’t manufacture our own cars.

Because of this, it is important to shop around to find the absolute best deal out there. You achieve this by exploring the different options listed below:

Car Dealers

An obvious option would be to visit a car dealer. Jamaica has a good number of car dealers so one shouldn’t be hard to find. In Kingston, I’ve noticed that they tend to be in close proximity to each other for the most part so if you find one, there’s probably another nearby.

You can also look in the Yellow Pages whether in the physical directory or on their website.

Car Sales Websites

There are a few websites on the internet which feature cars for sale in Jamaica. One of them is, where you look can have a look at the vehicle through pictures so you can at least gauge the condition. This way you don’t have to waste time to travel to where the car is located because the owner misrepresented the condition.

Gleaner Classifieds

The Observer also has a classifieds section but nothing beats the Sunday Gleaner Classifieds. Note: SUNDAY specifically.

The Gleaner is published everyday but Sunday’s publication is by far the most widely read newspaper in the country. In fact, most buyers and sellers use the Sunday Gleaner’s classifieds specifically to when trying to find each other.

Contact Owners Directly

See a car you like on the road? Ask the owner if he/she would like to sell it. You never know, they may be interested.

If they aren’t immediately interested, exchange numbers and ask them to think about it. I seen this happen enough times to believe it’s a viable option.

I feel like I may have missed another source but you can tell me in the comments. Where else do you believe is a good place to buy a car in Jamaica?

Bad Customer Service or Bad Consumer Etiquette?

I just came off the road from a restaurant I buy lunch at at least four times per week. While there, I witnessed something I’ve become all too familiar with seeing in Jamaica – “bad customer service.”

I put bad customer service in quotations because I’ve realized that many times, bad customer service is preceded by bad consumer etiquette. It seems to me that most Jamaicans are experts in what customer service should be when from what I’ve witnessed many times, the reaction from the worker was warranted. And the idea that the “consumer is always right” only perpetuates this garbage.

I won’t go into the details of the incident I witnessed today but I will say to my fellow Jamaicans, respect is a two way street. If you’re going to demand respect, you absolutely must give it. It also doesn’t hurt to use your discretion in your dealings with people.

As a people, we need to be more sensitive to the stressful conditions that those in restaurants, supermarkets and other fast paced environments go through. These workers also work for hours on end (usually for low pay), so why make their lives even harder?

This is not to let workers off the hook with their customer service obligations; you should go above and beyond what is required to help customers but that’s a given. There are many online guides about good customer service but there’s hardly any on how a consumer should behave. It’s actually very simple. Treat people how you would want to be treated. If you work in KFC, do you want people to be constantly shouting at you to take their ticket even though the tickets are serviced in order? No.

Do you have bad days? You probably do. So also be mindful of that. And don’t tell me they should suck it up and all that bullshit, you don’t know what a complete stranger goes through before or after your interaction with them. Nobody is happy 24/7. So instead of pouring fuel on the fire, exercise a little kindness. Help change their day for the better.

Where To Buy Indian Food In Jamaica

This post is more of an invite or personal request for submissions than my informing the public.

I love Indian food; especially roti. But I find it hard to locate any good restaurants that provide these type of meals. The only place I know of right now is called Pushpa’s and is located in Liguanea.

I don’t live very close to Liguanea so to make that trip every time I have a craving isn’t feasible.

So I’m calling on all Shop Tv Jamaica readers to share your favourite Indian restaurants located in Jamaica, especially in Kingston; share them in the comments box.